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          CAS NO.948-65-2
          This product is a kind white powder with a little yellow color, getting the flake crystal from Alcohol and Petroleum ether, melting point 188oC-190oC. Boiling point 360oC, which could be solved in acetone, aether, chloroform, benzene, toluene, xylene, acetic acid, a little solved in methanol, dissolved in water.
          The product is recognized publicly as Non toxic and harmless poly heat stabilizer to replace metal stabilizer in the world. Which could be used with Organic Tin(Sn) to produce a certain cooperated function, have special effect, as toxicity of the product is very small, for the White mouse (radial mouth) LD50, as 10g/kg weight, no carcinogenic function, USA(FDA) AND Western Europe permit to use Phenyl indole to make food packing material, general quantity is 1%-3%.
          The product used in PVC food packing twisting film, also used in other hard or soft plastic goods, which is also the important intermediate of cation dyestuff.
          Molecular Formula:C15H13N
          Structural formula:            
          Technical index :
          white powder
          melting point(°C)
          Iron content
          Ash content
          Packing: 25Kg export cardboard barrel

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