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          Flocculating Agent CA-2

          Structural Formula:
          Technical index :
          Index name
          Clear Light Liquid
          Viscosity@25 /op
          PH Value
          Solid Content%
          Use and Merit: Flocculating agent CA-2,Belongs to the new water treatment high polymer flocculant,this products molecular weight is high,the product stability is good,to colloid adsorption bridging ability,uses in the Styrene-butadiene rubber latex coagulating agent,Also is the good emulsion breaker,this flocculation decolorization effect is good,can urge the colloid appearance to better,widely used in the oil field petroleum gathering,is suitable in textile printing waste water decolorization processing,and can reduce in greatly the production waste water the COD content,compare to other product,which is more green environmental protection.
          Packing: 1)container barrel 1000Kg/barrel 2)plastic barrel 200Kg/barrel

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