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          Details:Chemical Name: 2,4-Bis(octylthiomethyl)-6-Methylphenol
          CAS No.:110553-27-0
          molecular formula: C25H44OS2
          molecular weight: 424.7
          physical property:
          melting point: >14℃
          outward appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
          proportion: 0.980 (20℃)
          viscosity: 80-90mPa.s (20℃)
          technical specification:
          purity: ≥96%
          flash point: ≥200℃

          Use: This is an effective thermo-oxidative stabilizer in a wide range of solution polymerized,emulsion polymerized and thermoplastic elastomers including:BR,SBR,NBR,IR,SBS,and SIS as well as natural rubber.The antioxidant is effective both as a raw elastomer and compound stabillizer. Use of less, a good antioxidant effect .It is also effective in various adhesive and sealant applications. It belongs to the environmental protection antioxidant, has realized the rubber product by general to the environmental protection transformation.

          Packaging, storage, transportation :
          Galvanized drum, net weight 200kg.
          This product should be stored in a dry, clean and prevent the rain
          In handling this product should avoid intense grazing.

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